My month-long career as a pixel artist

My month-long career as a pixel artist

Posted by Ed Lasher on 29th Nov 2016

Hey, everyone. Ed here. I'm the guy who did the pixel art that went along with our weekly promotions this November. I spent a lot of time on the pieces and some of them got a little bit of attention on Twitter, so I figured I'd leave them here for posterity. 

Week one

Pixel art of a Toughbook CF-19

This is the first one I did. As you may be able to tell, I cheated. This is a photo of a  Toughbook CF-19 that I pixelated in Photoshop. 

Week two

A Toughbook CF-31 making a space rainbow

This one is a bit more legit. The background is an edited stock image of outer space, but I actually drew the laptop pixel-by-pixel. Admittedly, it doesn't quite feel like traditional pixel art (think Super Nintendo graphics) in no small part because I relied heavily on a reference photo of a  Toughbook CF-31.

Week threePixelated Toughbooks float in a strange space and receive RAM and SSD upgrades.

For the third picture, I tried to do something more interpretive. I used an  isometric grid as a starting point and included elements of the promotion, which included RAM and SSD upgrades, and homemade cookies (because why not?).

Week four (Cyber Monday promo)

Pixel-art Toughbooks and a giant keyboard sit on a mysterious ledge or something

Week four was "Cyber Monday" and our biggest sale of the year. I started with a similar grid to the one I used on week three, but this time I narrowed the angle a bit. Drawing the letters on the keyboard at that angle was not easy. I don't recommend it.

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