How to remove the bottom bezel of a Toughbook CF-29

For a number of repairs, you may find that you need to remove the bottom bezel (item #: DFKF0239) before you start. This will give you access to the system board, the touch pad, and many other components. The only tools you'll need are two Phillips head screwdrivers (one small, one normal-sized) and a flathead screwdriver (for gentle prying). Here's how to do it.

Step one: power down.

Always make sure your laptop is completely unpowered before making any repairs. Shut it down completely, disconnect the AC adapter, and remove the battery.

Step two: unscrew a bunch of screws

Boy, there sure are a lot of screws on the bottom of this computer. Unscrew these ones first:

remove these screws first

Step three: disconnect the speaker wires

Remove the memory cover. To the side of the RAM port, you'll see red and black speaker wires attached by a white plug.

unplug the speaker wire

Gently unplug the speaker wire. You will probably need to tease it out with a flathead screwdriver.

nudging out the plug with a flathead screw driver speaker wire unplugged

Step four: unscrew more screws

Now unscrew all of these screws (you could have done this before disconnecting the speaker wires, but we wanted to mix it up a little. Plus, it's good to have a few screws securing the bottom so we don't forget and yank it off with the speaker wires still connected):

remove these screws to detach the bottom bezel

Pop the bottom bezel off (there are plenty of places around the edge where you can get some purchase with a flathead screwdriver) and you are done.

Toughbook 29 sans bottom bezel