How to upgrade the RAM in a Panasonic Toughbook CF-C1

The CF-C1 contains two memory upgrade slots, but for now we will just focus on one. The second one can only be accessed if you remove the entire bottom plate of the laptop, and replacing it is overall a more involved process. Replacing just the one, however, is very easy and simple to do. You will need a Phillips-head screw driver and, of course, some RAM. According to Panasonic's user manual, the RAM module you use must comply with the following specifications: DDR3 SDRAM, 204 pins, SO-DIMM, 1.5 V, PC3-6400 (or higher).

Step one: power down.

Whenever you're working on computer hardware, you want to make sure that there is no power going through it. This means you need to shut it down completely, disconnect the AC adapter, and remove both batteries. To remove the batteries, simply slide the latches on the underside of laptop and pull out the corresponding battery pack.

Step two: access the upgrade slot.

On the underside of your CF-C1 there is a cover over the memory upgrade slot held in place by a single screw. Simply remove the screw and pop the cover off. Once you open it, you may either find an empty compartment or a memory module, depending on what specifications the laptop was ordered with. If there is already a RAM module installed that you want to replace, gently push back the clips holding it in place on the left and right ends. The module will pop up, allowing you to pull it out.

Step three: insert the RAM upgrade.

Slide the module into the slot and push it down. The clips will automatically lock into place to hold it securely. If you've ever played an old-school Nintendo cartridge, this will be a familiar feeling.

There's a little notch in the RAM module's pin connector that corresponds with a little bar in the slot, making it impossible to put the module in the wrong way. If it doesn't slide in easily, you probably have it positioned wrong.

After inserting the RAM upgrade, screw the cover back on and re-insert the batteries. All done!