Toughbook CF-18/19 In-Dash Mount for Ford Crown Victoria

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Gamber Johnson NP-CF18-IND

We were reorganizing the warehouse and found several unopened boxes containing brand new Gamber Johnson in-dash mounts for Ford Crown Victoria / Police Interceptor vehicles. It was originally designed for the Toughbook CF-18, but when Panasonic released the CF-19, they built it to fit all CF-18 docking stations. That means this mount works just as well with the latest and greatest convertible tablet as it does with the computer for which it was tailor made.

The documentation that came with these mounts is dated 2005. It says they mount into the dash of "1998 and newer" Crown Vics. Although we are fairly certain they will fit any model up to 2012 when Ford discontinued them, we can only put in writing that they'll work for 1998 - 2005 models.

While doing warehouse triage, we also found a box of old CF-18/19 port replicators. Unlike the in-dash mounts, the port replicators are used. To be honest, they aren't all in pristine cosmetic condition, but they all work. If you can tolerate a few paint scratches, they'll complete the package. Since they aren't in perfect cosmetic condition, we're throwing them in for free.

Now, just so you don't get shocked by shipping costs, please be aware that your package will contain several large pieces of steel. It's really heavy. In the end you'll still be getting a fully-equipped docking station for a tiny fraction of what these things would normally cost.

Package includes CF-18/19 port replicator, In-Dash Crown Vic Mount and installation instructions.

All parts come with a 30-day warranty.