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Bob Johnson's Computer Stuff, Inc. was founded in 1996. We started out selling ink cartridges and computer parts as an e-store. Over time, we added complete and refurbished computers, repairs, and asset management programs in response to our customers' changing needs.

Today, we are a leading provider of refurbished rugged laptops, computer repair services, network administration and IT hardware asset management. Our clients include police departments, emergency services personnel, commercial contractors, and a variety of private and public agencies throughout the United States and Canada. We pride ourselves on providing fast, personal and affordable technology solutions to meet the challenges our customers face.

Government contracting information
DUNS: 060926412
CAGE Code: 6SBM2

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Meet our team

Bob Johnson - boss  

Bob Johnson

Head Honcho

Bob was born and raised in South Texas and lived in New Jersey for 19 years. He moved to Delaware in 2002, where he now resides with his wife, three kids and two cats.

In 1997, combining his sales experience (having previously worked in real estate) and his technical expertise, Bob started what would become Bob Johnson's Computer Stuff, Inc. out of his basement, selling on eBay. Today, the company has grown to include a 500-square-foot warehouse, a popular website, several blogs and a YouTube channel.

When he's not running the company — or doing whatever it is he does around here — you can find Bob working in his garden, attending his kids' sporting events, or buffing up on his videography skills.

Five fun facts about Bob

  • Loves Bejeweled
  • Sold real estate for eight years
  • Really dislikes olives
  • Loves pecan pie
  • Can't carry a tune, but loves to sing

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Marisa Johnson - Toughbook guru

Marisa Johnson


Born and raised in Brazil, Marisa came to the US at nineteen to pursue the American Dream. Instead, she met Bob (ha!). Having raised three rambunctious children, she's uniquely qualified to manage the employees of Bob Johnson's Computer Stuff, Inc.

When you send a Panasonic Toughbook in for repair, we give it to Marisa. She is our go-to person for virtually anything related to rugged laptops, as she knows them inside and out. She doesn't just handle repairs — Marisa is the primary person behind refurbishing and packaging any unit that leaves our warehouse. So what does the rest of the staff do? Uh ... We'll get back to you on that one.

When not kicking butt at BJCS, Marisa enjoys cooking, spending time with friends, exercising and watching futebol (AKA: soccer).

Five fun facts about Marisa

  • Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish
  • Cannot sleep with the closet door open
  • Has to put a laptop back together in the reverse order of how she took it apart
  • Thoroughly enjoys lame jokes
  • Hates wearing shoes and would happily go barefoot everywhere

Connect with Marisa

  • Phone: (877) 202-7788, ext. 2011
  • Email: marisa_2@bobjohnson.com
Matt Wertz - computer fixer

Matt Wertz

Super Genius

Matt is our service technician and master problem solver. A computer genius, you can almost see math equations, lines of code and complex diagrams emanating from his brainspace. In addition to his many advanced degrees in kick-assery, Matt is a graduate of Polytech High School in Woodside, Delaware.

Five fun facts about Matt

  • Doesn't eat breakfast (come on, Matt! It's the most important meal of the day!)
  • CompTIA Network+ and A+ certified
  • Placed in the top three, three years in a row, for telecommunications cabling in the SkillsUSA student competition
  • A video game aficionado, he could teach you a thing or two about Minecraft
  • Apparently shares a name with a famous musician, making him difficult to Google

Connect with Matt

  • Phone: (877) 202-7788, ext. 2010
  • Email: tech_support@bobjohnson.com