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Head Honchos




Bob Johnson


Bob was born and raised in South Texas and lived in New Jersey for 19 years. He moved to Delaware in 2002, where he now resides with his wife. In 1997, combining his sales experience (having previously worked in real estate) and his technical expertise, Bob started what would become Bob Johnson's Computer Stuff, Inc. out of his basement, selling on eBay. Today, the company has grown to include a 4000-square-foot warehouse, a popular website, several blogs and a YouTube channel. When he's not running the company — or doing whatever it is he does around here — you can find Bob working in his garden, doing the many chores on his farm, or working out.

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Marisa Johnson


Born and raised in Brazil, Marisa came to the US at nineteen to pursue the American Dream. Instead, she met Bob (ha!). Having raised three rambunctious children, she's uniquely qualified to manage the employees of Bob Johnson's Computer Stuff, Inc. When you send a Panasonic Toughbook in for repair, we give it to Marisa. She is our go-to person for virtually anything related to rugged laptops, as she knows them inside and out. She doesn't just handle repairs — Marisa is the primary person behind refurbishing and packaging any unit that leaves our warehouse. So what does the rest of the staff do? Uh...we'll get back to you on that one. When not kicking butt at BJCS, Marisa enjoys cooking, spending time with friends, exercising and watching futbol (AKA: soccer).

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Tech Wizards

Matt Wertz


Matt is our  computer virtuoso. If you present him with a  computer problem, he knows almost immediately what is wrong with it and why. You can find Matt upstairs, leading our refurbishing process and training techs. Matt is a graduate of Polytech High School in Woodside, Delaware.

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Thomas "TJ" Supper   


TJ is our go to guy. From questions about Linux to laptops and everything in-between, he always has an answer. TJ can be found downstairs at Smyrna Computer speaking with customers, doing repairs and working on anything else that comes his way. TJ is a graduate of Seven Stars Christian Academy and holds CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certifications. When he is not working, TJ enjoys playing video games, modeling and animating 3D assets for various video game projects, and getting out and catching Pokémon in Pokémon Go. 

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Matt Johnson 


Matt Johnson is our jokester- when he is not downstairs at Smyrna Computer speaking with customers and doing repairs, Matt can be found floating around, making everyone laugh. Matt is a graduate of Middletown High School, and in his free time, he likes to play computer games. 

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Brianna "Bree" Cottingham 


Bri is our jack of all trades-seriously, is there anything she can’t do? When Bri first started at BJCS, she worked in marketing, however once she was introduced to life on the tech bench, she found something she loved to do even more. Bri holds a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Forensic Psychology, and is working on becoming A+ certified. Before working at BJCS, Bri worked as a professional painter and in construction for 15 years. When she is not working, Bri enjoys reading, hiking with her pup Boo Radley, and spending time with her fiancé. 

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Marketing Magicians

David "DJ" Smith  


DJ is our digital media maestro. Without him, our pictures and videos wouldn’t be nearly as cool. DJ is a graduate of Piscataway High School in Piscataway, NJ, but also likes to say that he is an alumnus of YouTube University. Before working at BJCS, DJ managed a photography studio. In his free time, DJ likes to watch movies and collect Samurai swords.

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Jackie Anderson 


Jackie is our marketing maven. She coordinates all communications about the goings on here at BJCS. Jackie holds a Bachelor’s in Communications with a focus in Professional Writing. Before changing her career path to Marketing and Communications, Jackie was a Certified Medical Assistant for Johns Hopkins and worked in multiple pharmacies. In her free time, Jackie enjoys hiking, beach days, traveling and spending time with her husband and her German Shepherd mix, Koda.

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