Toughbook CF-53 parts

Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 Replacement Parts

These pages contain all of the repair components for the CF-53 semi-rugged laptop that can keep it fully operational for the long haul. We have an abundant supply of all these components prepared to ship immediately. Before ordering, be sure that you are ordering the correct part for the generation of the CF-53 Toughbook that you have. 

There are four different generations of these laptops, and some slight differences between the components. For example, the non-touch replacement touch screen that we have listed can only work in an MK1 or MK2 CF-53. It will not work if you try to put it in an MK3 or MK4. 

How to Tell Which Generation Of CF-53 You Have

The easiest way to learn about Toughbook Model Numbers is to read our blog post about them. Here we break down all of the different models into their different generations. 

You can find the model number on your laptop by looking at the bottom sticker or booting the unit up in BIOS. The simplest way to tell the mark of a CF-53 Toughbook after you find the model number is by the first character after the “CF-53” in the model number. That first character can be any of the following:

  • MK1 - A / D / E
  • MK2 - J / L / M / N / P / Q / R
  • MK3 - S / U / V / Z / 1
  • MK4 - 2 / 3 / 4 / 7

Here is an example from one of the CF-53s in our office. Its model number is “CF-532U64PNM,” and because there is a “2” after the “CF-53” in the model number, you can tell that this one is an MK4. 

You must know this number before completing any part purchase on our website. We ask you to provide the model number from your Toughbook to ensure you get the correct part for your laptop.  

CF-53 Toughbook Upgrade Parts

You can upgrade your CF-53 laptop with features you do not have with some of the listed components. An example of a feature that you can add is a Gobi card. It allows you to use mobile data as an internet source on your Toughbook, which significantly helps anyone who works on the go. Just don’t forget to download the drivers so the card works properly. 

How Does BJCS Get So Many CF-53 Toughbook Parts?  

Most of the time, not all are functional when we purchase a batch of CF-53 semi-rugged laptops. Some are in Grade A shape right out of the box, some are a little beat up but still function as well as a Grade A, and some are not worth repairing. Just because they are not worth repairing doesn’t mean they can’t provide parts. 

Typically, we get more than enough parts units to fix those laptops that need a piece or two. So, we list all of the extras here, which still leaves us with a deep stock of parts ready to ship once an order arrives for them. 

Do You Need Help Finding A Panasonic CF-53 Part?

If you need assistance shopping for a particular repair or upgrade component for your CF-53, you can use our tech support form so our Toughbook technicians can help source any resources required. Additionally, you could call our office at 302-659-2727 to answer any questions.

We also offer instructional walkthrough videos on our YouTube Channel on completing any upgrades or repairs on your Panasonic Toughbook CF-53.

You can also use our repair form and send your rugged laptop to our office if you feel uncomfortable completing the repair yourself. Our certified repair technicians will make sure your CF-53 Toughbook gets back to operational condition.