Straps and Bags

Rugged Laptop and Tablet Straps and Cases

Toting around a rugged computer can be taxing. Luckily, some companies specialize in manufacturing ways to make carrying your laptop or tablet easier. These companies make straps and cases that are tailored to make carrying a rugged computer easier. This includes options for Panasonic, Getac, Dell, and Durabook rugged computers. 

Available Straps For Rugged Computers

Getting a strap that allows you to free your hands by throwing your rugged laptop or tablet over your shoulder can be a game changer. There are even some hand straps available. Like the FZ-G1s, which have a hand strap that goes on the back of the tablet. It has a slot for your hand to go into that allows you to carry it without the fear of losing grip. And it is extremely stable on your hand while you use it. Panasonic calls it an X-strap.

Cases For Rugged Devices 

A case for your Toughbook or Toughbpad could offer some additional protection features for your tablet, like a ballistic nylon case and a magnetic cover to offer some screen protection while you are not using it. Some can even fold up to be a stand for increased usability. One example that we currently have in stock is the Always-On Carry Case for the Toughpad FZ-A1.

Our inventory changes on a regular basis. Check back regularly to see what we have added to our offering.