What Happened to All the Windows 7 Toughbooks?

Posted by Lori Speed on 18th Apr 2019

Nothing, yet. According to, Statcounter, 79.48% of all desktop computers are running a Windows operating system. As of this writing, Statcounter also reports that Windows 7 is still p … read more

Setting Sail with a Toughbook

Posted by Lori Speed on 13th Jun 2018

Selection Assistance is one of the services we offer people shopping for rugged laptops and tablets. Shoppers decide that they need a computer that can handle more abuse than the average consumer la … read more

What The Dell Are We Up To Now?

Posted by Lori Speed on 5th Mar 2018

Dell entered the rugged laptop business in 2006 with a sturdier version of their popular consumer grade Latitude D620 and called it the ATG. Rugged reviews and comparisons of the original A … read more