Docks and Port Replicators

Docks and Port Replicators For Rugged Panasonic Computers

Dock and port replicators are perfect for keeping your device secure on your desk or car while adding more available ports. We focus on supplying docks and replicators for Panasonic Toughbooks and Toughpads, Dell Rugged Laptops, and more. From Gamber-Johnson to Havis and everything in between, we have a variety of affordable docks and port replicators for your rugged laptop or tablet.

Office Docks

Office docks offer a lot more functionality while you are at your desk. Some can charge your laptop while you work. Others offer more ports and elevate your device so you are not hunched over all day. Regarding tablets, these docking stations hold your unit up similarly to how the screen would be on a laptop.

Car Docks

Laptop docks for vehicles help anyone who has a workstation in a vehicle. Some prime examples of who car docks are best for are police officers, EMTs, tractor-trailer drivers, and anyone who is out in a vehicle. You can pair one of these desktop docks perfectly with an external keyboard, which is especially nice if you typically work off a tablet. Not only do they help improve a workstation in a vehicle, but a car dock would also help eliminate worrying about their computer sliding everywhere.

Port Replicators

A port replicator is designed to be left in the office. When you plug it in, your peripheral devices, like an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard plugged into the dock, can be used. You can plug and unplug your laptop or tablet from all your devices simultaneously.

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