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Trade-In Form

Instructions: Please fill out the form below. Be as specific and detailed as possible. After you submit the form, you will receive an email with shipping instructions. Check your spam or junk file if you are still waiting to receive the email, or call us at 302-659-2727.

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Toughbook Trade-in Program

At Bob Johnson’s Computer Stuff, Inc., we are happy to provide in-store credit for your used equipment. Regardless of whether you purchased the equipment from us or not, we will accept almost any rugged computer as a trade-in.

We accept laptops and tablets in almost any condition; however, the better condition, the more credit we can give you for the trade-in. The value of the unit(s) sent in for trade-in may strictly go towards purchasing one of our refurbished rugged laptops or tablets or be used as store credit for a future purchase.

Reasons To Trade In Your Rugged Computer

  • Receive the market trade-in value when you decide you are ready to upgrade
  • Reduce data destruction expenses on your old computers. Our expert technicians will correctly dispose of your data.
  • Receive market trade-in value on non-working rugged laptops or tablets with salvageable components.
  • Help reduce landfill waste because all trade-ins are refurbished, used for parts, or recycled.

Rugged Laptops and Tablets We Accept For Trade-In

Panasonic ToughbooksMK1MK2MK3MK4MK5MK6MK7MK8
Dell LatitudesYear
5414 All
5420 All
5424 All
5430 All
7212 All
7220 All
7220 All

Reasons To Trade In Your Rugged Computer

If you have a computer not included in the tables above, call our office at 302-659-2727. We will gladly inform you if we will make an exception for your trade-in.

Don’t think trade-ins are limited to laptops and tablets; we even accept peripheral devices that pair with these rugged computers, such as keyboards, docks, and mounts. When filling out the form, list everything you are trading in to ensure you get full credit for your equipment.

How We Determine Rugged Tablet and Laptop Value:

  • Model of the Computer
  • Hardware specifications such as RAM size or hard drive capacity
  • Functionality
  • Cosmetic condition
  • Inclusion of additional hardware (power cords, docking stations, extra batteries, optical drives, etc.)

When we receive your equipment, our expert technicians will perform a general audit of the machine. After we check over the trade-in, you have the option of accepting the value as store credit; otherwise, we can ship it back to you at the cost of return shipping.

Benefits To Trading In For Our Refurbished Products

If you’ve taken advantage of our trade-in program, you have only just begun to save money. Not only will you have credit towards a replacement machine, but as a refurbished rugged retailer, most of our refurbished laptops and tablets can be purchased fifty to seventy percent lower than the cost of purchasing new.

If you are worried about buying a "used" laptop, fear not: our expertly refurbished equipment is in excellent condition. We take quality control seriously so that you can depend on it. Additionally, every computer we sell comes with our Limited Lifetime Warranty with the option of extending the warranty up to three years.