When you use a computer, the keyboard is the input device that is used the most. This means that the quality of your keyboard directly affects how much work you can get done.

External Keyboards

These keyboards are peripheral devices that connect via Bluetooth or by plugging into your device, typically through a USB port. These keyboards are ideal for tablets because they offer much more functionality. 

An external keyboard has an entirely different meaning if you work on a tablet. Using the on-screen keyboard can be an absolute nightmare when you have to input large amounts of data. Even though a tablet has better mobility than a laptop, having a USB or Bluetooth external keyboard can help you stay efficient and comfortable when you return to your desk. 

Panasonic Toughbook Keyboard Options 

The Toughbooks come with quite a few different options when it comes to keyboards. Each keyboard has a function for a particular situation or environment. Here are the options: 

  • Standard Keyboards: The most straightforward way to explain the standard keyboard is that they get the job done. They don't have any backlight or any additional functionality. This is as basic as they come. 
  • Backlit Chiclet Keyboards: This keyboard offers a backlight for dark environments and a more tactile feel than the standard keyboard. 
  • Backlit Rubber Keyboards: The rubber keyboard is designed for wet environments. The keys are sealed to prevent any moisture from getting into the laptop. 

Need Keyboard Assistance? 

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