Styluses For Rugged Laptops and Tablets

We provide replacement styluses for most of the Panasonic rugged laptops and tablets. We also have a couple of Getac styluses available. These work perfectly on any of the touchscreen models of these rugged laptops and tablets that support the use of a stylus. 

They are all OEM Panasonic and Getac styluses. So, these are just like the styluses that your laptop would have come with from the factory. They will work perfectly on your device as long as you get the correct stylus for your device. Make sure that you know your model number to help ensure that you get the correct stylus for your computer. 

Never Lose Your Stylus Again

Have you already lost a stylus? Well, with one of our replacement Toughbook stylus tethers, you won’t have to worry anymore. With one of these tethers securing your stylus, you will not have to worry about your stylus being left behind. These work because they wrap around the end of your stylus and keep it attached to your laptop or tablet. 

We're Always Here For Assistance! 

Start by either filling out our tech support form or calling our office at 302-659-2727 to get the help that you need.