Limited Lifetime Toughbook Warranty

Every refurbished Panasonic Toughbook we sell comes standard with a non-transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty. Coverage under the Limited Lifetime Warranty is automatic and free.


If you bought your Toughbook from us, we will never charge you service fees — including diagnostics and labor — for as long as you own the computer. The first six months of our Limited Lifetime Warranty includes enhanced coverage. In addition to free repairs, enhanced coverage includes the cost of replacement parts (excluding batteries). After the initial six months, standard coverage will continue to cover service, but charges will be assessed for any necessary replacement parts.

Repair Warranty

Any Toughbook part we repair or replace is covered for 30 days. If a repair should fail within this time, we will fix it at no additional cost to you. This includes the replacement part(s), labor and shipping within the United States. The repair warranty does not include coverage for parts unrelated to the initial repair.

Parts Warranty 

All parts available for purchase on our site are covered by our 30 day warranty, with the exception of system batteries (CMOS batteries are covered). 

Extended Warranty Options

Our extended warranties provide enhanced coverage identical to that of the initial six-month period of the Limited Lifetime Toughbook Warranty (see above). We offer one-, two- and three-year extended warranty plans at $100/unit, $200/unit and $300/unit, respectively. Our three-year warranty comes at a discounted price of $250 if added at the time of the Toughbook purchase.

If you buy your Toughbook from us, you can add an extended warranty as an option to your order or, alternatively, you can purchase a plan by phone at 877-202-7788 any time within six months of your purchase. Your enhanced coverage will then be extended according to the plan you choose.

Please note that lifetime service coverage is an exclusive feature of the Limited Lifetime Warranty, and therefore applies only to Panasonic Toughbooks purchased from Bob Johnson's Computer Stuff, Inc.

If you got your Toughbook somewhere else, you can send it to us to be refurbished for our standard repair fee of $125 plus the cost of any necessary replacement parts. At that point you will have the option to purchase an extended warranty. If you would like to send a Toughbook in to be refurbished, please make a note of it in the repair form.

If you send a Toughbook to us for repair, we will certify it refurbished upon completion of the repair. At that point you will have the option of purchasing an extended warranty.

If your Toughbook is currently covered under either our one- or two-year extended warranties, you will have the option of purchasing an additional extended warranty to take effect upon the expiration of your current one, so long as extended warranty coverage does not exceed three years in total.

Guaranteed Trade-In Value

After three years of enhanced coverage under your extended warranty plan(s), you will have the option to trade in your machine for a guaranteed minimum value of $150 toward your next Toughbook purchase as long as nothing has been done to void its warranty. Higher value trade-ins will be individually evaluated. More about our trade-in program

Warranty Exclusions

The following items are not covered under any of our warranties:

  • System batteries
  • Part replacement due to physical damage (drops, liquid spills, inadequate packaging for shipment or acts of negligence)
  • Software that was not installed by our technicians
  • Computers that are shipped/taken outside of the United States may not be covered (for international orders, please contact us for warranty eligibility information)
  • Virus removal or operating system reloads due to viruses
  • Alterations or updates to the operating system
  • Incoming shipping fees

Voided Warranties

All extended warranties and enhanced coverage will be considered void on any product which has been dismantled, marked on or visibly defaced. In addition, any manipulation of the BIOS or attempt to retrofit parts will void all extended warranties and enhanced coverage.