Scratch & Dent Laptops

Special Offer: Scratch and Dent Laptops

Engineered to endure extreme temperatures while delivering the same exceptional battery life, these refurbished laptops offer robust performance at a fraction of the cost. Expect optimum durability, practicality, and affordability with our specially curated selection.

Scratch and Dent Laptops for Sale

Browse our collection of discounted Dell, Getac, and Panasonic Toughbooks. Upgrade affordably with Windows 10 Pro or Windows 11 Pro options. Powered by Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 processors, these rugged devices deliver superior speed and responsiveness for all your computing needs.

Visit us often to get the best of Dell’s reliability, Getac’s rugged technology, and Panasonic’s longstanding record in durable devices. Whether you’re eyeing semi-rugged or fully rugged models, you have a spectrum of choices that mirror premium Grade-A craftsmanship.

At Bob Johnson’s, we push the limits of conventional computing. Invest in a powerhouse that defies drops, spills, and extreme conditions without a hefty price tag. Once you’ve made your selection, maximize your computer with upgrades like RAM enhancement, storage expansion, extended battery life, graphics card upgrades, and more.

Great Deals on Scratch and Dent Rugged Laptops

Our scratch-and-dent laptop computers may have some cosmetic damage. However, they are fully functional and warranted. All flaws are visible in the pictures we post on the laptop page.

Rather than dismantling them for parts, we offer them at a discounted price. These refurbished rugged laptops are an excellent option for those seeking an affordable, reliable, and durable laptop

Where do Scratch and Dent Refurbished Rugged Laptops Come From?

We get our inventory one of two ways: from trade-ins or large-scale resellers like the military. city governments, and leasing companies. No matter how we get them, these units get graded once we receive them. The grades consist of:

  • Grade A: Like new
  • Grade B: Requires minimal refurbishing
  • Grade C: Scratch and dent
  • Grade D: Scratched laptops with cracks or gouges; used for parts machines

By our definition, scratch and dent laptops have scratches on the covers, typically on the top and bottom of the laptop. When we say, “scratch and dent,” we mean in only the most superficial sense. There will never be deep scratches that will affect the device’s functionality.

Check the pictures on the items page to see what is typical for that model. All photographs are of laptops that represent the condition of the entire lot.

What Are the Benefits of Shopping for Scratch and Dent Laptops?

Despite their cosmetic imperfections, these units are more affordable than our grade-A units and offer access to the same upgrade options.

You could even upgrade to a backlit chiclet keyboard. Every product in this category functions properly and has the same warranty options we offer on grade-A units.

What Do I Need to Know: Care Tip for Buying Refurbished Scratch-and-Dent Models

We’ve set you up for success with the finest refurbished rugged laptops you can find. However, it never hurts to take good care of your tools.

For cleaning maintenance, use a soft microfiber cloth to gently clean the area in a circular motion. The soft, lint-free fabric ensures your laptop screens are free from dust and smudges without causing any additional scratches.

Exercise caution when using scratch removers. Be sure to verify the compatibility of such products with your device first to avoid any unintended damage. These basic maintenance techniques can help you keep your laptop looking good and performing well.

Save Big with a Scratch and Dent Laptop

In the market for a refurbished Panasonic Toughbook that offers exceptional value for the money? Look no further than our Scratch and Dent collection. Please browse our inventory today and find the perfect rugged laptop.

If you need help finding the ideal laptop, fill out our selection assistance form. Our customer service will get back to you as soon as they can.