Camping Advice: Don't Forget Your Toughbook

Posted by Ed Lasher on 18th Jul 2016

It’s summertime, and we all know what that means. Time to gas up the Winnebago and head out to the ol’ campgrounds. Of course, like every summer, you’ll be out in the woods cooking baked beans an … read more

Microsoft's forced Windows 10 installation could cost lives

Posted by Ed Lasher on 3rd Jun 2016

Wow. Just wow. Reddit user /u/zambuka42 is a pilot and IT guy working with anti-poaching rangers in the Central African bush. After finding that Windows 10 had secretly downloaded and installed o … read more

How to stop Windows 10 from taking over your computer

23rd May 2016

Microsoft recently started scheduling automatic updates to Windows 10 for machines running Windows 7 or 8. Instead of opting in to the update, you now have to deliberately opt out. If you're lik … read more

BJCS Recognizes National Police Week

13th May 2016

On October 1, 1962 President Kennedy signed into law a bill designating May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week in which it lands National Police Week. This week, we honor those officers wh … read more

Installing Microsoft Office on a Toughbook running Linux

Posted by Ed Lasher on 20th Apr 2016

Remember when you were a kid and your gym teacher, Mr. Esposito, would always tell you that anything is possible if you work hard and believe in yourself? Maybe you doubted him then, maybe you doubt h … read more