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Although they’re not as extensively ruggedized as Panasonic’s semi- and fully-rugged models, business-rugged Toughbooks are still solidly constructed laptops with shock-mounted hard drives and magnesium alloy casing. They’re scrappy little computers when compared to your typical commercial laptop. With an emphasis on portability, these laptops have a lot in common with netbooks. Unlike netbooks, business-rugged Toughbooks are powerful and well equipped enough to actually get serious work done. While conventional netbook/ultraportable design focuses primarily on size, Panasonic also gives great attention to durability. You can safely carry them around, toss them in a purse, backpack or briefcase, and put it on your car seat while you drive around without worry.

Business-rugged Toughbooks are built for travelling and everyday use. Although they are the least rugged models as far as Toughbooks go -- they are much stronger than most consumer laptops. These are ideal for mobile professionals or anyone on-the-go.