Power Adapters

Rugged Laptop and Tablet Power Adapters

One of the most critical aspects of using a laptop or tablet is keeping it charged. That can be hard if you lose your device's AC adapter, also known as the charger.

Why Does Having the Correct AC Adapter Matter? 

Using an AC Adapter with a lower voltage than what is required can cause a device to struggle to stay on even while it is plugged in, or if it manages to stay on, it could end up not charging the battery. 

On the other side, using one that is too high for your device may cause it to detect an overvoltage. And if you keep using the higher voltage adapter, the laptop or tablet will run hotter and could shorten your computer's lifespan. 

Power Adapters For The Car

We provide Lind power adapters that allow you to charge your laptop or tablet in your vehicle. You can pair these power adapters with most docking stations. Some docks will even enable you to run the Lind adapter through them. 

If you need help picking the correct AC adapter for your device and your needs, call our office at 302-659-2727. We can get one of our expert technicians to assist you.