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Panasonic Toughbook CF-52

Panasonic released the first semi-rugged laptop in 1998. Years of engineering advancements and refinements have culminated in the award-winning Toughbook CF-52 laptop. Just as the Toughbook CF-30 and CF-31 are synonymous with “fully-rugged,” the CF-52, along with its younger siblings the CF-53 and 54, proves that Panasonic is the only manufacturer that matters when it comes to semi-rugged laptops.

What is a “semi-rugged” laptop?

When you need a durable laptop that’ll stand up to everyday wear and tear, a semi-rugged laptop is perfect. The CF-52’s construction meets an incredibly high standard, and its materials are of the highest quality. Semi-rugged laptops like the CF-52 offer fewer durability features than their fully-rugged counterparts, but come with the added benefit of a slimmer profile and more processing power (which requires more ventilation, and as a result, lower ingress protection). Semi-rugged doesn’t mean that you’ll get less computer; it means you’ll get an incredibly well-built machine that strikes a balance between performance and ruggedness.

The best of both worlds

Semi-rugged laptops offer the durability and reliability of a Panasonic Toughbook but also share a lot of the power and features of a consumer laptop. Unlike its fully-rugged cousins, the CF-52 features a 15.4” widescreen display with higher screen resolution. The CF-52 is a lighter weight rugged laptop that’s equally suited for both mobile professionals and public safety officers.