Microsoft's forced Windows 10 installation could cost lives

Posted by Ed Lasher on 3rd Jun 2016

Wow. Just wow.

Reddit user /u/zambuka42 is a pilot and IT guy working with anti-poaching rangers in the Central African bush. After finding that Windows 10 had secretly downloaded and installed on one of their machines, he has good reason to be angry:

Aside from the fact that we pay per MB, and already share a slow connection, if a forced upgrade happened and crashed our pc's while in the middle of coordinating rangers under fire from armed militarized poachers.. blood could literally be on MS's hands.


No word yet on just how much the 6GB download cost on their pay-per-MB plan, but some estimates in the comments section put it at over $30,000.

For the rest, check out the post on /r/technology.

Edit (10:18 AM, 6/3/16): I previously stated that Windows 10 had installed itself. That was an error. It did, however, download.
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