Our Favorite Rugged Computers

Our Favorite Rugged Computers

Posted by Ed Lasher on 19th Feb 2020

For fun, we asked all our technicians for their favorite rugged computers. This isn't a list of the best laptops and tablets. Instead, we're looking at the interesting, sometimes underrated … read more

Setting Sail with a Toughbook

Posted by Lori Speed on 13th Jun 2018

In the past year, I’ve worked with people in a lot of different fields: crop sales, amateur radio, astronomy, charter fishing, car repair, boat repair, sailing navigation, marine research … read more

Toughbooks in Antarctica

Posted by Ed Lasher on 15th Dec 2017

Near the end of last summer, an order came through our website for a scratch and dent Toughbook CF-31, a reliable but modest laptop with no special upgrades added. The Toughbook would be sent … read more