Toughbook cost of ownership

28th May 2014

Why owning a Toughbook (even a pricey new one) will save you big bucks.Updated June 15, 2023 Just to make a fair comparison, we'll look at the prices of new computers. A new Toughbook, conservativel … read more

Easy Toughbook repair videos

Posted by Ed Lasher on 27th May 2014

updated October 27, 2023Most people are technophobes. It's an extension of the fear of the unknown. That may be a lofty way of putting it, but how well do you know your computer? Would you feel comfor … read more

How to clean a Toughbook

27th May 2014

It's not something that many of us really put a lot of thought into. So, when was the last time you cleaned your Toughbook?  If you took a long pause to think about the answer, and you're not … read more

Yes, your Toughbook can run Windows 7

Posted by Ed on 20th May 2014

Upgrade from Windows XP As of April 8th, 2014, Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP. That means there will be no new security updates, no hotfixes, and no tech support. This is a serious concern, … read more