Blog has been taken over by F.A.N.G.

Posted by Ed Lasher on 1st Apr 2016

Huh. This is strange. We came in this morning to find this memo from Bob. We'll be providing more info here as it comes in. Update - 9:58 AM: A limousine with dark tinted windows … read more

Fix: Toughbook has no sound / won't unmute

Posted by Ed Lasher and Matt Wertz on 31st Mar 2016

This tutorial is for most Panasonic Toughbook laptops running Windows 7. Difficulty: pretty easy Time: about 10 – 15 minutes If you didn't buy your used Toughbook from us, there's a good c … read more
Giving an old Toughbook a new lease on life with Linux

Giving an old Toughbook a new lease on life with Linux

Posted by Ed Lasher on 4th Mar 2016

We all know that Toughbook laptops are built to last, serving long after their Dell and Acer cousins retire to the scrap yard. I am currently typing on an old CF-29 MK4, pulled from the shelves of … read more

How to reset the BIOS password

Posted by Ed Lasher on 15th Feb 2016

Cut your losses and trade in your Toughbook I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but these tricks usually only work on much older units. If your Toughbook was built within the last ten years, the od … read more

How to Choose the Right Rugged Tablet

Posted by Austin on 10th Feb 2016

In the video below, Solomon offers some tips on purchasing your first Panasonic rugged tablet. BJCS offers various tablet and convertible laptops like the H2, CF-C1 and the CF-19. It’s importa … read more