Durabook - Great Return on Investment

Durabook, formerly known as Gammatech Computer Corp., specializes in producing rugged laptops and tablets of exceptional quality. They started producing laptops in the late 1980s and made their first military-grade laptop in 2000. While there may be many brands to choose from, Durabook's products stand out because of their low prices and diverse features, often outpacing competitors like Panasonic and Getac. Additionally, Durabook offers a comprehensive 3-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, providing added peace of mind and protecting your investment.

Durabook has an office in Fremont, California, where they care for commercial, state, and local government clients. This location is also where they keep a healthy inventory of their base configuration laptops and tablets for immediate shipping—no long lead time for these computers. When you need it, Durabook can deliver almost instantly.

In 2020, they opened a new separate office in Glen Allan, Virginia; this location is where they turn their focus towards serving military and federal business clients.

Wide Range of Options

Durabook produces and markets rugged laptops and tablets, both fully and semi-rugged. Every device is constructed according to some degree of MIL-STD and conforms to the guidelines of the ingress protection code ensuring you receive a durable and top-quality device. These laptops, tablets, and all-in-one PCs are durable, affordable, and high-performing. They are an excellent acquisition for increased productivity and have a good return on investment, with the added benefit of a low total cost of ownership.

Fully Rugged Laptops

  • Z14I - I call it a tank—Durabook's answer for any harsh environment. The Z14I changes the way you will think of MIL-STD-810G certification.

Semi Rugged Laptops

  • S14I - This model is one step away from being fully rugged—a sleeker, lighter-weight laptop than the Z14I yet still tough as nails.
  • S15AB - Rugged and with a 15-inch screen, the S15AB delivers on both counts. Get the same ruggedness as the S14I, just with a bigger screen.

Fully Rugged Tablets

  • U11I - With Coolfinity, fanless, thermal design and DynaVue® sunlight readable technology, Durabook's U11I tablet is the best in its class.
  • R11 - This is the world's most compact, fully rugged tablet weighing only 2.65 lbs and measuring 0.76" thick.
  • R8 - The newest tablet in the Durabook line, the R8 sports a fanless design, an 8" Dynaview screen, and loads of power. It is more rugged than other models in its class.

Top Notch Features

Coolfinity, fanless, thermal design

  • This tablet and laptop series is the first to offer a fanless solution departing from the usual mechanical fan cooling system. With traditional cooling systems, the fan draws in air to cool the device, allowing dust and debris to enter and accumulate over time, eventually leading to failure. Going fanless allows these tablets and laptops to experience less downtime and provide a greater return on investment.
  • Dynaview technology

    • Durabooks proprietary display technology allows for an excellent contrast ratio that helps view the screen from different angles, and with a 1000 NIT screen viewing in bright sunlight is not a problem.

    My thoughts on Durabook.

    When it comes to the different ruggedized laptops on the market today, I have touched just about every model made at one time or another. One of the issues that I have always had with these laptops is the cost. A slightly upgraded Toughbook FZ-40 can run in the neighborhood of $6500. How can you justify your return on investment? With Durabook, a Z14I with the same upgrades will cost about $4000. Built to the same specifications, it can withstand the same environments. Your return on investment just got better. With all things being equal: warranty, specs, and service, save 30% and go with the Durabook.