Replacement Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 Displays

Be careful when shopping for a replacement screen for your CF-19 Toughbook. Panasonic's screen changed with almost every new generation of this laptop. In addition, there were typically two versions of each screen: an LCD screen and a dual touch screen for each mark (MK) or generation. 

We have each product's compatibility listed on its page. Most of them have a list of compatible and incompatible generations. Check your model number and double-check that you are shopping for the correct screen. If you are unsure which generation of CF-19 you have, you can refer to our Toughbook Model Numbers for Nerds blog.

Panasonic CF-19 LCD Screen 

The LCD screen for the CF-19 is just the resistive touchscreen version. The resistive touch allows for finger and non-finger input, meaning you can use the screen with a glove or stylus. 

Toughbook CF-19 Dual Touch Screen

The higher-end touchscreen for the CF-19 offers a resistive multi-touch and digitizer. This means that this screen is capable of two-touch functionality in addition to pinch, zoom, and drag gestures.

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