Getac V100 parts

OEM Replacement Parts For The V100 Rugged Laptop

The Getac V100 laptop features a swivel screen that allows you to swap between laptop and tablet modes. We have collected several of them over the years and have an excess of spare parts available for them. Most of those parts are listed here. If you are looking for a particular part and do not see it here, reach out to us at 302-659-2727 to see if we can locate one for you. 

How To Find Out Which Generation of V100 You Have

It's essential to know your model number and which generation of V100 rugged laptop you have before shopping for parts. The parts of the different versions of these rugged laptops are not guaranteed to be the same for every generation. 

Getac rugged laptops and tablets do not have a model number like Toughbooks. They just have the model number and the generation on a label at the bottom of each device. So, if you had a second-generation V100, it would say “V100 G2” on the bottom of your machine. 

Check out our blog if you need to know more about rugged laptop model numbers. This blog can tell you everything you need to know about these numbers and their meaning.

How We Get Our Inventory 

We have received some used V100s in the past, and not all of them met the quality requirements for our website. Sometimes, it’s not worth the time to get some of the less operational units up to the standard that we hold. So, these lesser-grade units become parts machines. After a while, we build up a stockpile of parts units. When this happens, one of our technicians takes a laptop entirely apart, and we list each part for sale on our website.

Once a part gets ordered, we pull it off one of our spare units and test it. This is to make sure that the part is working properly for quality assurance for our customers. We also double-check that it is the correct part for the laptop that you have by asking you to input your computer model number when you order. So, you're guaranteed to get the right part when you order with us! 

Reach Out For Any Assistance 

If you need assistance locating a replacement part for your rugged V100 laptop, we are here to help. Our expert technicians can assist you through our tech support form or via phone by calling our office at 302-659-2727. 

Additionally, if you plan on tackling the upgrade or repair yourself, we offer free instructional videos that walk you through the entire process. These videos are available on our YouTube channel.

If you prefer to have your laptop repaired by professionals, our full-service repair department can handle the job for you. Simply fill out our repair form and send your computer to us; we will take care of the rest.