Panasonic Toughbook CF-31, CF-53 Standard Keyboard


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Replacement Keyboard for Panasonic Toughbook CF-31, CF-53, and More

If you have a malfunctioning keyboard or missing keys on your Panasonic Toughbook (MP-03103USD8145), this keyboard is the ideal replacement part for you (N2ABZY000152). 

If you need a step-by-step guide for replacing the keyboard, we have a blog post on how to change the keyboard on a CF-31 and videos on how to change the keyboards on all the Toughbooks. 

Compatible with the following Toughbook models: 

  • CF-29 All Marks
  • CF-30 All Marks*
  • CF-31 All Marks
  • CF-52 All Marks
  • CF-53 All Marks 

Our technicians' certification backs this used product as a dependable option. 

You can order here by clicking the "Add to Cart" button or call 302-659-2727 to place an order over the phone. 



* There is another option that is specific to the CF-30. Instead of being held on with adhesive, it has a bracket to help secure it to the base. 

Part Type Keyboard
This part comes with our 30-day warranty