We typically order our laptops by the pallet from leasing agencies and wholesalers. Some of the computers are "grade A" quality, so we go over them point-by-point and refurbish them to meet our high standard and prepare them for sale. Some of the computers that come through our door have functional or cosmetic issues. We scrap those out for parts. As a refurbishing shop, those extra parts can come in handy, but we're never going to need all these dozens of extra PC boards, CMOS batteries, brackets, hinges, and whatever else. There is only one place to buy new Toughbook parts, and it's profoundly expensive. When something breaks, fixing it should be the frugal option, don't you think? We think so. Having been in this business longer than anyone else, we found ourselves in the unique position to offer an unbeatable selection of parts at an affordable price. So that's what we've done.