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B & A Portable Bluetooth Keyboard BT-102KB

This wireless keyboard is the perfect companion for your rugged laptop or tablet. It is small and lightweight, which helps make it highly portable—allowing you to take it everywhere and anywhere. And it can work up to 33 feet away because the Bluetooth connection can transmit that far!

The Perfect Keyboard For Tablets

This accessory allows for an easier time inputting large amounts of data, especially when using a tablet. As long as the computer you are working on is capable of Bluetooth connection, this keyboard is compatible. It also has a stand to put your tablet on to hold it up to help make it easier to use. 

This portable keyboard also comes with its user manual.

Get yourself the perfect wireless keyboard for any typing needs by ordering this keyboard online or by giving us a call at 877-202-7788. 

Comes with our 30 day parts warranty