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Panasonic Toughbook Replacement Screws

If you own a Panasonic Toughbook, you know its durability and reliability. Maintain the performance of your laptop and take advantage of its rugged design with these replacement screws.

The Importance of Tight and Secure Screws

Loose or missing screws can cause components to shift or become damaged, which can also affect the overall performance of your laptop. For example, a flexible hinge can make an otherwise decent laptop feel like cheap junk. It’s always a good idea to ensure all screws are tight and in place to keep your Toughbook functioning correctly. 

Compatible Toughbook Models for Replacement Screws

Our replacement screws are compatible with different models of Panasonic Toughbook laptops:

  • CF-18
  • CF-19
  • CF-30
  • CF-31
  • CF-53

Screw Pricing and Ordering Guide

The price covers up to 30 screws. If you need more, please update your order quantity accordingly.

  • Order quantity of 1 = up to 30 screws
  • Order quantity of 2 = 30 - 60 screws
  • Order quantity of 3 = 60 - 90 screws
  • For large orders, call us at 877-202-7788.

Our technicians have examined, certified, and used this product.

These replacement screws are only for replacing screws on the Toughbook. They are not accessories. 

Whether you need to replace a missing screw, a stripped screw, or a damaged screw, we have you covered. Order your replacement screws today by calling us at 877-202-7788 or online.

Part Type Screws
This part comes with our 30-day warranty