Easy Toughbook repair videos

Posted by Ed on 27th May 2014

Most people, to some degree, are technophobes. it's an extension of the fear of the unknown. That may be a lofty way of putting it, but how well do you know your computer? Would you feel comfortable opening up its guts if it needed a new part? If you said yes, you are braver than most. For everyone else, doing minor repairs at home is probably out of the question, considering most of us don't want to ruin something that cost hundreds -- or thousands -- of dollars. Panasonic Toughbook repairs, you would think, would be especially challenging, given that they aren't built like other laptops. as it turns out, however, most repairs can be done at home with just a screwdriver. Don't worry about memorizing the name of every little part. You don't need an encyclopedic knowledge of your computer's internal components to replace a wireless card, and you don't need a engineering degree to upgrade the memory in your CF-19.

Zen and the Art of Panasonic Toughbook Maintenance

To help demystify computer repair, Bob makes simple videos that show more than they tell. When a little explanation is necessary, he'll give it to you straight -- plain English, not Star Trek technobabble. We're not building a space ship or time machine here, so just relax. There are lots of laptop repair videos on our  YouTube channel, and more get added every day. For a sampling, here are a few playlists of common Toughbook repairs. The YouTube channel also includes several repair and maintenance videos for Acer, ASUS, Dell, Toshiba, HP, and various other consumer laptops, as well as repair videos for many of the legacy Toughbook models, so you can keep those troopers running for years. Click here to subscribe.)

Toughbook CF-31 Repairs

Toughbook CF-30 Repairs

Toughbook CF-29 Repairs

Toughbook CF-19 Repairs

Toughbook CF-52 Repairs

Can't find the repair video you need? Email us or leave a YouTube comment with your request and we'll see if we can make one for you. If you still don't feel comfortable doing repairs at home, you can always send it to your local (or not local) Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.

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