What is a Nit?: Explaining Screen Brightness

What is a Nit?: Explaining Screen Brightness

Posted by Ed Lasher, Doran Janeka on 10th May 2015

Date Last Modified 8/31/2023 Have you ever been somewhere where the sunlight from a window constantly glared off the TV? Or have you ever tried using your phone outside and can't see what's on th … read more

A note on model numbers (for Toughbook nerds)

Posted by Ed Lasher on 14th Jul 2014

Date Last Modified 5/21/2024 If you’re a Toughbook nerd (I use that as a term of endearment), or if you just like to do thorough research before buying, you might be inclined to decode the lo … read more

How to Choose the Right Toughbook

Posted by Bob Johnson on 28th May 2014

Date Last Modified 1/11/2024Which Toughbook Should I Buy? So you've finally acquired your funding and/or grant approval, and you're ready to purchase your new fleet of mobile data terminals, lapt … read more

Easy Toughbook repair videos

Posted by Ed Lasher on 27th May 2014

updated October 27, 2023Most people are technophobes. It's an extension of the fear of the unknown. That may be a lofty way of putting it, but how well do you know your computer? Would you feel comfor … read more