How to Choose the Right Rugged Tablet

Posted by Austin on 10th Feb 2016

In the video below, Solomon offers some tips on purchasing your first Panasonic rugged tablet. BJCS offers various tablet and convertible laptops like the H2, CF-C1 and the CF-19. It’s important to do your research and to know exactly how and where you’ll be using your rugged tablet. Knowledge is power!


Although all Panasonic Toughbooks offer rugged performance, there are significant differences between fully-rugged and business-rugged computers. Knowing what Ingress Protection and MIL certifications mean and how they affect the versatility of your tablet can make all the difference when shopping for a rugged tablet.

Where will you be using your tablet?

You need to ask yourself, where will I be using my rugged tablet? Knowing the environment in which you plan to use your tablet will greatly influence your decision on which rugged tablet to purchase.

Choose the right OS

This is important. While all of our Toughbooks and tablets are loaded standard with Windows 7 Professional, you need to know what applications you’ll be using in your day-to-day workflow in regard to OS compatibility.

What ports/connections do you need?

Do you need serial port or a fingerprint reader? Planning ahead and knowing what interfaces you’ll need will help you decide which Toughbook or tablet is right for you.

Need more help?

Get in touch with us for personalized selection assistance.

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