Real, honest photos of real, honest Toughbooks

Posted by Ed on 14th Dec 2014

"A picture is worth a thousand words." What a cliché! But, like many tired adages, there's a grain of truth in it. Detailed descriptions are helpful when you're buying something online, but, especially when said something is a refurbished product, you'd really like to have a look at it before you start typing your billing information into the little boxes.

Speaking of clunky segues, check out all the new product pictures we have! They aren't like any other Toughbook pictures out there, because we took them. Every Panasonic Toughbook you see on our site is a photo from our actual inventory. Of course, we've been using honest product photos for about a year now, but until recently, we've made due with the still shot setting on Bob's video camera. After months of begging, I finally talked him into investing in nice DSLR camera. Now I've taken high resolution pictures of most of our laptops. If you zoom in close, you may even be able to find the occasional, small, cosmetic imperfection. Yes, I said it. We keep the highest, most consistent standard of quality out there, but our laptops do come from Planet Earth, where human beings actually use them instead of hermetically sealing them in a Plexiglas cage.

A lot of other folks in the refurb business like to say their products are indistinguishable from new, but that's both subjective and unrealistic. When you're shopping for a refurbished Toughbook online, and all the product pictures are the same sparkling new laptop straight from Panasonic, how can you have any idea what you're really buying? That's why we use real, honest pictures of the real, honest laptops we sell. I'm taking a risk here, because I'm not a professional photographer and the Toughbooks I shot are just typical units from our inventory. Still, I think I did a decent job.

You'll be seeing updated photos as I get more practice with the camera, too! Browse our Toughbook inventory to see more.

These new photos will come in extra handy in our new scratch and dent section*, where we've taken closeup pics of each cosmetic flaw of every scratch and dent unit. Cheap Toughbooks! No surprises!

*(Our scratch and dent section never has more than two or three items in it. If you click the link and find several pages of items, it means our scratch and dent section is empty. It's a weird bug in our software. We're working on a fix.)

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