Are You Ready for A Zombie Apocalypse?

Posted by Lori Speed on 3rd Oct 2017

updated 9/19/2023 The only television show I'll make an effort to catch when it's broadcast is The Walking Dead. It all started because my family got hooked during one of the early season mara … read more

6 Mistakes People Make When Buying Used Toughbooks

Posted by Ed Lasher on 6th Jan 2016

1. Basing purchasing decisions on who has the lowest price Shopping around for the lowest price makes sense if you’re buying a new product. You can be relatively sure your item will be in good condi … read more

All About Our Refurbishing Process

Posted by Doran Janeka on 10th Jun 2014

Date Last Modified 12/28/2023 If you are considering buying a refurbished rugged computer, you may have some questions and concerns about the refurbishing process. Nobody wants to gamble away … read more

Extended Warranty: to buy or not to buy?

9th Jun 2014

Three major questions that come up when purchasing a Toughbook: Will it run my software? Will it last long enough to justify the cost? Should I buy the extended warranty? Any of our sales … read more

Toughbook cost of ownership

28th May 2014

Why owning a Toughbook (even a pricey new one) will save you big bucks.Updated June 15, 2023 Just to make a fair comparison, we'll look at the prices of new computers. A new Toughbook, conservativel … read more