Police Security Expo 2015

Posted by Ed on 2nd Jul 2015

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at PSE 2015 in Atlantic City last week! It was nice meeting y'all. Here are some pictures. We redesigned our booth this year. We started usin … read more
Bob Johnson's Bourbon Stuff

Bob Johnson's Bourbon Stuff

Posted by Ed Lasher on 7th Jun 2015

We recently sponsored a bourbon barrel at our neighborhood distillery, Painted Stave Distilling in Smyrna, Delaware. This morning Bob and Marisa got to fill it. I went along and took a bun … read more

Are Toughbooks Waterproof?

Posted by Ed Lasher on 26th May 2015

Short answer: no.I'm writing this because recently I've seen the term "waterproof" thrown around by a few sites talking about Toughbooks. The word simply does not apply. There is no such thing as a wa … read more
What is a nit?: Explaining screen brightness

What is a nit?: Explaining screen brightness

Posted by Ed Lasher on 10th May 2015

The nit is a unit of measurement for brightness. Actually, it's technically a measure of luminance. "Luminance" refers to the intensity of light, an objective property of nature. "Brightness" refer … read more