Is the Panasonic Toughbook CF-54 right for me?

When deciding what laptop to buy, consider the spectrum of ruggedness.

On one end of the spectrum are consumer-grade laptops -- the kind you’d buy at your local big-box store. This is the kind most people have at home. Build quality, features and price vary quite a bit, but generally speaking, consumer laptops are nice looking, comfortable to use and come with features that look good on paper, like plenty of RAM and the latest processors. Consumer laptops are also delicate and won’t last unless you handle them with care.

On the other end of the spectrum are fully-rugged laptops. These are built to survive warzones, construction sites, frozen tundras, muggy swamps and scorching deserts. If a high-end gaming laptop were a sports car, a fully-rugged laptop would be a tractor, a tank and a bulldozer all rolled into one -- versatile and utilitarian, but not great for downtown parking.

Sometimes you need a laptop that fits somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. That’s where the Toughbook CF-54 comes in. With its full magnesium alloy casing, the 54 can handle getting knocked around a little. Sure, it might not be able to take the same type of abuse one of it’s fully-rugged counterparts might brush off, but fully-rugged laptops can be as thick as a dictionary and as heavy as a vacuum cleaner. At just 1.2 inches thick and weighing in under 5 pounds, the Panasonic Toughbook CF-54 is one of the lightest and thinnest semi-rugged laptops out there.

Rugged features

There’s more to a rugged laptop than just durability. With the CF-54, you’ll get

  • a bright screen for daylight readability (FHD touch screen models have a 1,000-nit backlight, comparable to most fully-rugged displays)
  • plenty of ports and connectivity options, so you’ll have tons of flexibility when it comes to peripheral devices
  • port covers and internal sealing for protection against dirt and occasional splashes
  • dual battery ports so you can hot-swap batteries when working on the go
  • and lots more!

Peace of mind

Panasonic has long led the industry in rugged laptops. Years of research and development and countless engineering refinements all culminate in the Toughbook CF-54, a truck of a laptop that feels like a sports car. Simply put, it is a high-performance, versatile and reliable computer.

Every Toughbook CF-54 we sell has been carefully inspected, cleaned and refurbished by our expert technicians. As with all our refurbished computers, the CF-54 is covered under our standard Limited Lifetime Warranty, so you’ll never have to pay a repair fee if something goes wrong.

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