Getac S400 laptop parts

Getac S400 Laptop Replacement Parts

The semi-rugged Getac S400 laptop, first introduced in 2012, boasts high performance and the ruggedness needed to perform in harsh and demanding environments. You can keep your rugged laptop in excellent working condition with our website's wide range of replacement parts. 

Where Do Our Getac Replacement Parts Come From?

The replacement parts listed on our website ultimately come from the laptops we purchase for reselling. After we receive our large batches of laptops and have audited the lot, there are always a few that do not meet the quality our customers have come to expect. We will thoroughly test 

these laptops, posting all of the working parts on our website for sale, and discarding the non-working or broken parts. 

Need Help Repairing Your S400?

Working on Getac S400 laptops is a regular job at Bob Johnson's Computer Stuff. Our technicians undergo intensive training on each model we sell and repair. We thoroughly examine every replacement part before selling them on our website. Based on how we process the replacement parts, we can guarantee they work and offer a warranty for peace of mind. We also have an extensive library of repair videos for the Getac S400 semi-rugged laptop.

Do You Need Us To Repair Your S400?

If you feel that you need help to handle the repair of your S400, we can help. We offer an affordable repair service with a quick turnaround. In most cases, repairs are typically shipped back within 48 hours. Please fill out our repair services form, pack your laptop, and send it to our shop.

The Getac S400 is a reliable and rugged laptop that withstands extreme and punishing conditions. With our vast range of replacement parts, you can keep your computer in top working condition. Whether you need help repairing your S400 or prefer to do it yourself, we have the expertise and resources to help. With our affordable repair service, extensive library of repair videos, and thoroughly tested replacement parts, you can trust us to keep your Getac S400.