Lind Automobile Adapter for IBM ThinkPad A,T,X,R Series

Lind Electronics, Inc.

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Lind Automobile Adapter for Select IBM ThinkPads CH1645-2181

The Automobile Adapter from Lind is perfect for charging your IBM ThinkPad on the go. Before you purchase, keep in mind that this adapter is only compatible with the series A, T, X, and R. A couple of good examples of these are the T14, A245, or X270 notebooks. And it comes brand new, sealed in the box. 

Must Have Additional Features

The input on this adapter is 11-16 Vdc 15 Amp Max. and the output is 16 Vdc 4.5 A. It comes with a removable cable with a male L-shaped plug and two DC adapters. One of the DC adapters comes with a three-position auto connector, and the other does not. The power indicator light lets you know the adapter is powered and ready to charge your laptop. And it comes with an instruction manual to help you properly get the best use out of the adapter. 

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