Lind Automobile Adapter

Lind Electronics, Inc.

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Lind Automobile Adapter PA1555-655

The Lind Power adapter is perfect for keeping your laptop charged on the go. This rugged power adapter will work hand-in-hand with most Panasonic Toughbook models. 

It comes with an input of 12-16 Vdc 10 Amp Max and an output of 15 Vdc 5.5. And it has a 15A 32V Mini fuse. 

Lind Adapters are quality products made in the United States of America.

Compatible with the following Panasonic Toughbook models:

  • CF-18 All Models
  • CF-19 MK1-MK7
  • CF-20 All Models
  • CF-28 All Models
  • CF-29 All Models
  • CF-30 All Models
  • CF-T8 All Models
  • CF-W8 All Models
  • CF-C1 All Models
  • CF-C2 All Models

Potential Substitution 

If you order this part, we may send you part # PA1555-771. This substitute is functionally the same as PA1555-655 but supports a wider input range (10-16 VDC as opposed to 12-16 VDC). The PA1555-771 is compatible with all the same Toughbook models.

Make it convenient for yourself by getting this Lind Automotive Adapter so you can charge your Toughbook in the comfort of your vehicle. Order one online or call 877-202-7788 to make your purchase over the phone.