Lind Automobile Adapter

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If you want a rugged power adapter, you want a Lind. This adapter was made to work with most major Toughbook models.

  • Compatible with the following Panasonic Toughbook models:
    • CF-29
    • CF-30
    • CF-31
    • CF-18
    • CF-19
    • CF-C1
    • CF-T8
    • CF-W8
    • CF-50
    • CF-51
    • CF-52
    • CF-53
  • Input 12-16 Vdc 10 Amp Max. Output 15 Vdc 5.5 A
  • 15A 32V Mini fuse
  • Assembled in USA

If you order this part, we may send you part # PA1555-771. This is functionally the same as PA1555-655, but supports a slightly wider input range (10-16 VDC as opposed to 12-16 VDC). The PA1555-771 is compatible with all the same Toughbook models.