Panasonic Toughbook CF-18 and CF-19 Extended Wings

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We like to call these "Wings with an Attitude." Like a huge (non-functioning) spoiler on a 1993 Honda Civic, these bad boys will give your Toughbook 18 or 19 a little added flair. Unlike that big spoiler, extended wings do more than just make your laptop look cool. If you drop your Toughbook on its side, these will break the fall. Which would you rather hit the ground first, a relatively inexpensive piece of plastic, or the side of your LCD? Technically, these wings are meant to put space between the outside of the laptop and the WWAN antenna (if you have a mobile data card) in adherence with FCC regulations, but we know it's really a fashion accessory.

Compatible with Panasonic models CF-19C/D/E (MK1), CF-19F/G/H (MK2). This part will not work with Panasonic CF-19K/L/M/Q (MK3), CF-19R/S/T/V (MK4), and CF-19A/B (MK5), CF-191/2 (MK6).

This used Panasonic Toughbook laptop part is in great condition and approved for sale by our expert technicians.


Part Type Antenna Cover

This part comes with our 30-day warranty