RAM® Form-Fit Printer Holder for Brother PocketJet Series

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Perfect mount for your PocketJet printer.

The RAM-VPR-101 is a cradle that can hold different models of portable printers, such as the Brother PocketJet Series and the Printek Interceptor 80 Series. The cradle has a custom-fit enclosure that matches the printer's shape and has no sharp edges. The cradle also has features that make it convenient, such as LED indicators, a paper-level check, and a caddy for storing other items. 

Lifetime warranty

This mount can be used as a standalone system or integrated with other RAM products. It can be attached to a RAM round ball base and adjusted with a double socket arm. The cradle is made of high-strength composites and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Compatible Devices:

Brother PocketJet 6
Brother PocketJet 6 Plus
Brother PocketJet 3
Brother PocketJet 3 Plus
Brother PocketJet 673
Brother PocketJet 7 Series
Brother PocketJet 8 Series

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Lifetime warranty