What is a Nit?: Explaining Screen Brightness

What is a Nit?: Explaining Screen Brightness

Posted by Ed Lasher, Doran Janeka on 10th May 2015

Date Last Modified 8/31/2023 Have you ever been somewhere where the sunlight from a window constantly glared off the TV? Or have you ever tried using your phone outside and can't see what's on th … read more

A note on model numbers (for Toughbook nerds)

Posted by Ed Lasher on 14th Jul 2014

If you’re a Toughbook nerd (I use that as a term of endearment), or if you just like to do thorough research before buying, you might be inclined to decode the long form model number to determine a … read more

How to Choose the Right Toughbook

Posted by Bob Johnson on 28th May 2014

Date Last Modified 1/11/2024Which Toughbook Should I Buy? So you've finally acquired your funding and/or grant approval, and you're ready to purchase your new fleet of mobile data terminals, lapt … read more