Broadcom Half-Mini PCIe WLAN Card for i3 and i5 Toughbooks


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PCIe WLAN Card for i3 and i5 Processor Toughbooks CN-0PW934-13740

Upgrade your Panasonic Toughbook with i3 or i5 processors with the reliable and fast Broadcom Half-Mini PCIe WLAN Card. Save money by shopping used. Our technicians have carefully examined and approved this item before shipment.

This card does not include Bluetooth connectivity.

Insane Speeds

Experience a potential 300 MBPS dual-band WiFi connection that can handle all your online needs with ease, from browsing the web to streaming videos and downloading files. This card is the perfect solution for boosting WiFi performance and enjoying a smooth and stable online experience.

Installing Made Easy

To help make installation easy, we have thoughtfully provided two small screws along with this card.

Compatible with the following Toughbook models: 

  • CF-19 R / S / T / V / W (MK4)^
  • CF-19 A / B / X / Y / 7 (MK5)^
  • CF-19 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (MK6)^
  • CF-19 5 / 6 / 8 / 9 (MK7)^
  • CF-31 A / B / C / D / E / F / G / H (MK1)^
  • CF-31 J / K / M / N / P / Q / R / K (MK2)^
  • CF-31 S / U / V (MK3)^
  • CF-31 W / X / Y (MK4)^
  • CF-52 M / N / P / R / Q(MK3)^
  • CF-52 S / T (MK4)^
  • CF-52 V / W (MK5)^
  • CF-53 A / D / E (MK1)^
  • CF-53 J / L / M / N / P / Q / R (MK2)^
  • CF-53 C / S / U / Y / Z / 1 (MK3)^

This card is incompatible with any Core Duo or Core 2 Duo Toughbook models.

Order the Broadcom Half-Mini PCIe WLAN Card today and take your online productivity to the next level. You can order by calling us at 877-202-7788 or clicking the "add to cart" button to the right. 


^ If you need help locating your model number, look in the BIOS or the tag on the bottom of your device. Then, visit our blog post on Toughbook Model Numbers for additional details.

Part Type WLAN / WiFi Card
Socket Type PCI Express
Fequency 2.4/5G Dual Band
This part comes with our 30-day warranty