Casing and external parts

Panasonic Toughbook CF-30 Casing and External Parts

We’ve managed to collect quite a few CF-30 Toughbooks over the years. A large inventory allows us to have numerous OEM CF-30 external parts. Our stock includes hinge covers, port covers, bezels, and other exterior parts.

Check to see which version of the Panasonic CF-30 you have. Panasonic released three generations of the CF-30, and some parts are specific to certain versions. Refer to our Toughbook Model Numbers for Nerds blog post for help. It walks you through how model numbers work on Panasonic Toughbooks. 

We’re Here To Help! 

Feel free to fill out our tech support form or call our office at 302-659-2727 for any questions. We have a ton of available CF-30 casing parts and the expertise to go with them. So, if you are still looking for a particular part, reach out!