Getac V110 Lid Latch


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Getac V110 Replacement Lid Latch

Make sure that the screen on your fully rugged convertible laptop stays closed when you’re not using it. A securely latched lid on your V110 can protect the screen during transportation. Prevent any accidental opening and minimize the risk of scratches or impacts.

Compatible with the following V110 models:

  • V110 G1^
  • V110 G2^
  • V110 G3^
  • V110 G4^

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If you are uncomfortable replacing the lid latch on your own or encounter any issues during the repair process, please contact our professional repair technicians. You can complete our repair form and send your laptop to our office.

You can use our secure and user-friendly online shopping cart to place an order. You can also call us at 302-659-2727 if you have any questions.

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^ To avoid any compatibility issues, it is important to ensure that this lid latch is compatible with your Getac V110 laptop's model number. You can find the model number on the underside of your device or by accessing the BIOS. For more information on how to locate the model number of your rugged computer, please refer to our blog, rugged computer Model Numbers.

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