Fully-Rugged Toughbooks

What is a "fully-rugged" Toughbook?

Each Panasonic Toughbook model falls under one of three levels of durability: business-rugged, semi-rugged, and fully-rugged. Fully-rugged models are the toughest of the bunch. Equipped with shock-mounted hard drives, water-resistant seals and magnesium alloy casing, fully-rugged Toughbooks are designed from the inside out take a flagellating and keep on operating in the world’s most extreme environments (take an assailing and keep on emailing? Take a beating and keep on spreadsheeting?!).

Fully-rugged Toughbooks undergo extensive testing to meet high military standards and earn impressive marks for durability, ingress protection, energy efficiency, electromagnetic stability, and a litany of other criteria. Toughbooks are heated up, frozen, dropped onto a hard surface, sprayed with water, blasted with dust and sand, vibrated and subjected to extreme humidity. That’s just scratching the surface.

If you’d like to learn more about all the testing and certifications required before Panasonic will label a laptop “fully-rugged,” check out our article Testing a Toughbook’s Mettle: The Story Behind the Certifications. We spent hours poring over thick military documents and lab reports so you wouldn’t have to.

While this all might sound like overkill, you don’t need to be Batman to require a fully-rugged mobile computer (and with our prices, you don’t need to be billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, either!). Toughbook CF-30, CF-31, and CF-19 laptops are staples in a variety of industries, including law enforcement, EMS, automotive work and logistics.

We load Windows 10 Professional into every compatible refurbished Toughbook we sell. As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, we make sure that Windows runs great on every machine, every time.