Microsoft announces Office for all mobile devices, for free.

6th Nov 2014

This isn't really Toughbook news, but we think some of y'all might find it relevant (by the way, can we all start saying "y'all" more often? It's a useful word).

We love when good software is free. That's why we load OpenOffice on the computers we sell. It's a fantastic free alternative to Microsoft Office, and nothing is better than free when you're on a budget. Ed, our resident word slinger, insists on using Microsoft Office, but he plays word processors like Joshua Bell plays a Stradivarius. For normal people, OpenOffice is just as good, sometimes even preferable. For snobs like Ed, Microsoft Office is still pretty expensive on the desktop. The good news, if you're the type who likes writing lengthy paragraphs on a touchscreen, is that not only is Microsoft releasing the mobile version of Office for the iPhone (it already came out on the iPad in March 2014), but they'll be rolling out Android phone and tablet versions in early 2015.

We haven't had a chance to try out Office on a mobile device yet, but if it's anything like  Microsoft's free online suite, it's functionally similar to Google Docs — a user-friendly, stripped down word processor that's fantastic for most purposes, but not in the same league as OpenOffice or Microsoft Office for desktop when it comes to features.

Amid all the competition in mobile office apps, this is actually kind of an overdue move on Microsoft's part. That said, it's still a good move.

Read the full story at the Official Microsoft Blog

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